Area Sensor

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Model Sensing
Optical axis pitch Power supply Control Output Detecting distance
BW20-08, 08P 140mm 20mm 12-24VDC NPN open collector

PNP open collector
0.2 - 7m
BW20-12, 12P 220mm
BW20-16, 16P 300mm
BW20-20, 20P 380mm
BW20-24, 24P 460mm
BW20-28, 28P 540mm
BW20-32, 32P 620mm
BW20-36, 36P 700mm
BW20-40, 40P 780mm
BW20-44, 44P 860mm
BW20-48, 48P 940mm
BW40-04, 04P 140mm 40mm
BW40-06, 06P 220mm
BW40-08, 08P 300mm
BW40-10, 10P 380mm
BW40-12, 12P 460mm
BW40-14, 14P 540mm
BW40-16, 16P 620mm
BW40-18, 18P 700mm
BW40-20, 20P 780mm
BW40-22, 22P 860mm
BW40-24, 24P 940mm


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